Masahiko Inamo was born in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan in 1958. He studied at Faculty of Science, Nagoya University. He carried out his research work in the area of analytical chemistry and obtained the degree in chemistry in 1980. In 1987, he was awarded his Ph.D. from Nagoya University for his research work on the peroxo complex formation reaction of transition metal ions. In 1985 he accepted a teaching and research development position in Inorganic Chemistry and was then nominated Professor in 2004. He stayed at the Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, University of Lausanne from 1988 to 1989 as a visiting researcher.

Research Projects

    1  Dymanics of the metalloporphyrins in solution.

    2  Photochemistry of metalloporphyrins.

    3  Electron transfer reaction of metal complexes.


     Graduate Students

         Kei SAKAKIBARA (M2)

         Kenta TOMIDA (M1)

     Undergraduate Students

         Yui Ohkawa

         Kenta Sakakibara

         Mari Maeda

         Asuka Yamauchi

Recent Publications

  1. 1Electron Transfer Reaction of Porphyrin and Porphycene Complexes of Cu(II) and Zn(II) in Acetonitrile
    Kaori Aoki, Toshimitsu Goshima, Yohei Kozuka, Yukiko Kawamori, Noboru Ono, Yoshio Hisaeda, Hideo D. Takagi and Masahiko Inamo
    Dalton Trans. 2009, 119 - 125.

  2. 2Relative Reactivity of Phenylboronic acid to Phenylboronate ion toward L-Lactate and Mandelate at Physiological pH
    Eisuke Watanabe, Junko Fujii, Kaori Kojima, Satoshi Iwatsuki, Masahiko Inamo, Hideo D. Takagi, and Koji Ishihara
    Inorg. Chem. Commun. 2010, 13, 1406 - 1409.

  3. 3Effect of the Axial Halogen Ligand on the Substitution Reactions of Chromium(III) Porphyrin Complex
    Kikuko Okada, Atsumi Sumida, Rie Inagaki, and Masahiko Inamo
    Inorg. Chim. Acta 2012, 392, 473 - 477.

  4. 4Relative kinetic reactivity of boronic acid and boronate ion towards Tiron, 2,2’-biphenol, and propylene glycol
    Eisuke Watanabe, Chiaki Miyamoto, Asumi Tanaka, Kenzo Iizuka, Satoshi Iwatsuki, Masahiko Inamo, Hideo D. Takagi and Koji Ishihara
    Dalton Trans. 2013, 42, 8446 - 8453. 

  5. 5Copper(II)-Assisted Charge Transfer Quenching of the Excited State of a Zinc(II) Porphyrin Complex Bearing a Peripheral Bipyridine Moiety
    Tetsuya Sakuma, Tae Ohta, Takeyoshi Yagyu, Hideo D. Takagi, and Masahiko Inamo
    Inorg. Chem. Commun. 2013, 38, 108-111.

  6. 6Relative Kinetic Reactivities of Boronic Acids and Boronate Ions toward 1,2-Diols
    Takuya Okamoto, Asumi Tanaka, Eisuke Watanabe, Takehiro Miyazaki, Tomoaki Sugaya, Satoshi Iwatsuki, Masahiko Inamo, Hideo D. Takagi, Akira Odani, and Koji Ishihara
    Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2014, 2389–2395.

  7. 7Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Ligand Field Properties of Iron(II) Complexes with PNP Ligands: Origin of Large Ligand Field by Phosphorous Donor Atom
    Takuya Mabe, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Masayuki Fujiki, Kyoko Noda,Koji Ishihara, Masahiko Inamo, Refat Moustafa Hassan, Satoshi Iwatsuki, Takayoshi Suzuki, and Hideo D. Takagi
    J. Solution Chem. 2014, 43 1574-1587.

  8. 8Reduction Reaction of Copper(II) complex bearing 1,3-Di(pyridine-2-carboxaldimino)propane (pitn) by Decamethylferrocene in Acetonitrile
    Atsutoshi Yamada, Yuki Watanabe, Kyoko Noda, Sumitaka Itoh, Koji Ishihara, Masahiko Inamo, Refat Moustafa Hassan and Hideo D. Takagi
    J. Solution Chem. 2014, 43, 1479-1486.

  9. 9Universal Reaction Mechanism of Boronic Acid with Diol in Aqueous Solution, Based on Kinetics, and Basic Concept of Conditional Formation Constant
    Yuki Furikado, Tomomi Nagahata, Takuya Okamoto, Tomoaki Sugaya, Satoshi Iwatsuki, Masahiko Inamo, Hideo D. Takagi, Akira Odani, and Koji Ishihara
    Chem. Eur. J. 2014, 20, 13194-13202.

  10. 10Flipping of Coordinated Triazine Moiety in Cu(I)-L2 and Small Electronic Factor, κ el, for Direct Outer-Sphere Cross Reactions: Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Redox Behavior of Copper(II)/(I)-L2 Complexes (L = 3-(2-pyridyl)-5,6-diphenyl-1,2,4-triazine)
    Atsutoshi Yamada, Takuya Mabe, Ryohei Yamane, Kyoko Noda, Yuko Wasada, Masahiko Inamo, Koji Ishihara, Takayoshi Suzuki, and Hideo D. Takagi
    Dalton Trans. 2015, 44, 13979-13990.

  11. 11Reaction mechanism of diphenylborinic acid with D-fructose in aqueous solution
    Yukika Sobue, Tomoaki Sugaya, Satoshi Iwatsuki, Msahiko Inamo, Hideo D. Takagi, Akira Odani, and Koji Ishihara
    J. Mol. Liq., 2016, 217, 29-34.

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